The History of SRW Products

In 1989, David recognized the growing need for specialized retaining wall installation products and set out to fill this gap in the industry. Shortly thereafter, Superior Strength Solvent-Based™ Adhesive was introduced. Although we started off selling adhesives with great success, we saw a much larger need in the hardscape industry that wasn’t limited to one product category. Contractors were missing a one-stop shop they could rely on as a resource for all their product needs and questions. We expanded our product catalog to include everything from fabrics and geogrid to jointing sands, cleaners, sealers, and diamond blades. Today, we carry a multi-line product mix for all your hardscape and landscape needs; including services for planning, building, and maintaining any hardscape project.


Thirty Years of Service & Hardscape Excellence

Ever since SRW Products was born, we’ve been continuously improving and developing new solutions that help our dealers and contractors thrive. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience and leadership in hardscape, landscape, and concrete products. We’re proud to have earned a reputation for providing exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service. Our dealer-based company continues to grow with the commitment of our team as we remain innovative with our “one-stop shop” ability. At SRW Products we promise to continue to focus on our key priorities of people, products and partnerships.