10 Reasons to Choose WetLok Permeable Jointing Sand

What did WetLok say to the rain? Rain, rain, don’t go away and come back another day. Yeah, we know, it’s a terrible joke…

In all seriousness, you will never be rained out of a project again, WetLok thrives on water, in fact it’s an integral part of the installation, hence the aptly named sand.

WetLok is a quick and easy way to ensure a permanent joint with no need for special machinery or equipment.

Why use WetLok?

WetLok permeable jointing sand is a self-curing jointing material for all types of paving projects with joints sizes of 3/16″ to 5″. WetLok is a quick and easy way to ensure a permanent joint with no need for special machinery or equipment. We can’t stop there, below we will give you 11 reasons to say YES to WetLok.


Reason #1
It’s all in the name and can be installed in the rain! What’s better than a product that isn’t weather-dependent?! Keep jobs moving forward and don’t the rain get you down and delay jobs.


Reason #2
Pre-mixed and ready to use. No need to spend time, mixing, stirring, or preparing the product before use.

Reason #3
Can be used on a wide range of joints (3/16″ – 5″ (0.48 – 12.7cm) No matter if the project has narrow joints or wide joints – this increases the range of applications.

Reason #4
Can be used with Hybrid or Traditional base installations. Once again, can be used for many project types!

Reason #5
Keep unused product for future use. No wasting product (or money) on unused product. Simply fill bucket until the water is 2” over the top of the material and seal the lid.

Reason #6
Permeable & allows water to escape, unlike polymeric sand. This is great for surfaces that need water drainage like patios or commercial walkways.

Reason #7
12-month shelf life. You can purchase in bulk for the season without the worry of product going bad.

Reason #8
Easy to use, simply brush into joints & compact with water. The more water the better.

Reason #9
Resists ants, weeds & plant growth. Has all the traditional benefits of polymeric sand and easy to maintain.

Reason #10
Available in 3 colors: Tan, Granite or Black. Color options so you can choose the look that will best fit your project surface material.


Bonus Reason #11

You can use the tubs as a cooler, storage, live well for fishing, trick or treat basket for the kids, really, the uses are endless!



Learn More about WetLok:



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Permeability Display Video:  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/IIPY1nW0cSk

Joint Permeability Video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Ctfp4HjzyhE


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