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What's Your Finish Preference? SRW Products offers options for a natural, matte, or wet look finish.

Do you prefer natural, matte, or wet look? PS Penetrating creates an invisible barrier of protection while LG and HG enhance paver color.

What type of paver will be used? Use this chart to determine the best Paver Seal product for your project.

Follow this chart to determine the best SRW Paver Seal™ product for your type of paver, and consult with the paver manufacturer for further recommendations.

Want to Add Slip Resistance? Add SR Paver Grip to your paver project!
Paver Grip works great next to slippery areas like pools and walkways. Use SR Paver Grip with Paver Seal LG (Low Gloss)HG (High Gloss), or HGX (High Gloss X-treme). Just apply your first coat of sealer as usual, then mix SR Paver Grip into your sealer for the second coat and roll on with a slit foam roller.

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