Silt Fence

SRW Silt Fence is a woven fabric that temporarily controls sediment on construction sites. This product is used to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes from sediment in stormwater runoff during hardscape and construction projects. The woven fabric comes in black or orange with pre-attached stakes that are sturdy and pointed for easy installation.

Also available in bulk for those with machinery.

Contractors & Homeowners

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Black Silt Fence Instructions

Step #1

    1. Dig a 6″x6″ trench along the site perimeter or appropriate location.

Step #2

    1. Unroll the fence one section at a time and position the stakes on the downhill side of the trench.

Step #3

    1. Hammer each stake into the trench until the bottom of the fabric is even with the bottom of the trench.

Step #4

    1. Backfill and compact.
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