Flex Paver Rail™

SRW Flex Paver Rail™ is professional grade edging that is perfect for curved applications on your hardscape and landscape projects that will hold your project together while preventing loss of interlock, erosion of bedding sand, and lateral paver shifting. As our most flexible paver edging, Flex can be secured with spikes or staples for easy installation of a curve or a straight line restraint.

Contractors & Homeowners

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Flex Paver Rail™ Instructions

  1. Installing Before Pavers

    1. Place Paver Rail™ on top of uniformly compacted graded gravel base per pavement design and stake edging using the 10″ edging staples supplied (10″x3/8″ landscape spikes may also be used).
  2. Installing After Pavers

    1. Use a hand trowel to carefully pull back screeded sand from the edging area.
    2. Place Paver Rail™ firmly against the pavers using the 10″ edging staples supplied (10″x3/8″ landscape spikes may also be used).
  3. Joining Sections

    1. Join the sections by using a staple to adjoin the pieces. As shown in diagram (a).
  4. Fastening

    1. Support the staple (b) and lightly tap the staple in part way to accommodate for edging adjustment, if needed. When finished adjusting, tap in the staples tight to the edging.
    2. Space remaining staples every 12″-24″ apart or as needed on curves.
    3. When backfilling with a non-compactible material, more staples may be required for added support.
  5. To Finish

    1. After all pavers are in place, sweep the surface to remove all debris.
    2. Using a plate compactor, make multiple passes over the entire area to set pavers.
    3. Sweep an SRW Jointing Sand into joints until the joints are filled. Alternate compacting and sweeping sand into joints until the joints are solid.
    4. Backfill the outside of the edging with topsoil, sod, seed, or mulch.
    5. Use a SRW Products Cleaner to clean the surface and then seal with an SRW Products Sealer that are appropriate for surface.

Tech Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions
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Universal Paver Rail™ and Flex Paver Rail™ can be used for any straight or curved edge. The Low Profile Paver Rail is intended for flagstone patios/walkways.
Roughly 12-18 inches apart around curved surfaces, they should be closer (6-9 inches).

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