JS Joint Stabilizer™

Our JS Joint Stabilizer™ seals and stabilizes paver joints for residential and commercial hardscape projects. Built to withstand high-traffic areas, it’s the perfect specialty seal™ for driveways, walkways, and more. The water-based solution requires no wait time after joint sand installation for quick and convenient application.

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JS Joint Stabilizer™ Instructions

  1. Clean

    1. If applying over polymeric sand, wait 28 days after installing polymeric sand before sealing.
    2. If applying over a polymeric sand install, it is recommended to use a SRW General Purpose Cleaner before the use of JS Joint Stabilizer™.
    3. If efflorescence is present on the surface before installation, fill joints with sand and apply EF Efflorescence Remover™ or PW Paver Wash™ to clean the paver surface. Never clean a surface without jointing material between the pavers.
    4. Thoroughly sweep the surface of loose joint sand or material.
  2. Climate

    1. Recommended application temperatures are 50° – 80°F (10° – 27°C) from installation through the curing process.
    2. Do not apply if inclement weather is forecasted within 24 hours.
  3. Apply

    1. STIR THOROUGHLY before applying.
    2. Apply with a standard garden sprayer or SRW Products sprayer. Spray and saturate the surface.
    3. Concentrate excess sealer from the surface of the pavers into the joints using a slit foam roller or foam squeegee.
    4. For best results, spray then back roll or squeegee. This prevents an uneven finish. 
    5. A 2-person application is recommended.
    6. Start at the highest project elevation. Do not allow the sealer to pool longer than 2 minutes.
    7. Only one coat of sealer is recommended. Additional coats may create a sheen on the surface of the pavers.
  4. Cure

    1. Protect from moisture and allow the sealed area to dry and cure for at least 24 hrs.
    2. Low temps and high humidity may extend dry time.
    3. Dry-tack free: 60 minutes
    4. Foot traffic: 24 hours
    5. Vehicle traffic: 48 hours
    6. Note: All calculations based on 68°F-77°F (20°C-25°C).

    1. Seals & Stabilizes Standard Joints: 80 – 120 sq. ft. per gallon (7.43 – 11.15 sq. m. per 3.78 liters).

    2. Cured Polymeric Sand: Up to 125 sq. ft. per gallon (11.61 sq. m. per 3.78 liters).

    3. Coverage may vary depending on surface porosity & application.


    1. Clean sprayer and tools with soap and warm water. 

    2. Store container in a cool area with cap or lid firmly in place. 

    3. Do not to store in direct sunlight. 



    1. Test in an inconspicuous area before starting the general application to ensure desired results. 

    2. Do not seal over the top with another sealer or use on a previously sealed surface. 

    3. JS is a ONE coat sealer. Additional coats may create a sheen on the surface of the pavers. 

    4. Surface of pavers can be sealed immediately after installation if cleaned, and joint sand is dried or cured. 

    5. Never seal on a wet/damp surface. Joints should be dry and fully cured. 

    6. Avoid windy conditions during application and protect surrounding from overspray. 

    7. Not for use with stone dust or limestone screenings. Joint sand should conform to the ASTM C 144 standard (Masons sand). If Mason sand is not available than use a concrete sand that conforms to the ASTM C 33 standard. 

    8. Reapplication every 2-3 years. Variability within clay products could affect long-term performance.

    9. Not for use on granite, bluestone, slate, or wetcast.
    10. Not for use on structures under hydrostatic pressure or permeable pavers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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We recommend waiting 60-90 days after the paver was manufactured before sealing. The paver manufacture date is typically provided on the pallet label. We always recommend using an SRW General Cleaner such as PW Paver Wash or EF Efflorescence cleaner prior to sealing pavers.
SRW Products XY Xylene is a fast-acting solvent that thins and dissolves acrylic sealer to aid in tool clean up and overspray.

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