M3C Mold, Moss & Mildew Cleaner™

Our M3C Mold, Moss & Mildew Cleaner™ is a fast-acting, heavy-duty formula that eliminates mold, moss, mildew, algea and lichens while helping to prevent them from coming back. Works on any hard surface all year round.

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M3C Mold Moss & Mildew Cleaner™ Instructions

  1. Dilute

    1. Dilute one part M3C Mold, Moss & Mildew Cleaner™ with five parts water into a garden sprayer.
  2. Apply

    1. Recommended application temperatures are 50°F – 80°F (10°C – 27°C).
    2. Do not apply if rain is forecast within 24 hours.
    3. Spray onto a dry surface and allow the solution to fully saturate the area.
    4. Allow to air dry overnight.
  3. Wait

    1. Wind and rain will wash away debris as it’s broken down.
    2. 3-7 days if desired, use a stiff bristle brush and hose to clean remaining debris one week after application.
  4. Re-Apply

    1. To maintain a stain-free outdoor space, re-apply M3C Mold, Moss & Mildew Cleaner™ as needed, up to 6 times per year.

    1. 1 gallon of concentrate makes 6 gallons of product, which covers approximately
      750–2200 sq. ft.(69.68–204.39 sq. m. per 3.78 liters) Coverage will vary depending
      on surface & severity of stain.

    1. Rinse tools with soap and water. KEEP FROM FREEZING.

    1. Always follow surface manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.
    2. Test inconspicuous area before starting the general application to
      ensure desired results.
    3. For maximum effectiveness, follow mixing instructions carefully.
    4. If accidentally sprayed onto vegetation, rinse with water.
    5. Excessive staining may take longer to come completely clean. Re-apply 1-2 months after initial treatment. Do not apply more than 6 times per year. 

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M3C Mold Moss & Mildew Cleaner™ is a convenient spot clean solution for any paver or surface material. Save time and money with our quick and easy four-step process.

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