Path Stabilizer™

SRW Path Stabilizer™ is a liquid bonding agent that holds decomposed granite and crushed stone in place for durable, long-lasting landscape pathways and patios. The easy-to-use formula is ideal for both commercial and residential applications for stabilizing areas while reducing dust, weed growth, and erosion from weather and foot traffic. Safe for use around plants and animals. 

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Path Stabilizer™ Instructions

  1. Subgrade

    1. Excavate between 4–6˝ below finished grade.
    2. Compact native soil using a plate compactor.
    3. Use a high water flow geotextile (SRW’s SB2 or SB3), ensuring that the fabric is enough to wrap up the edges of the excavated areas.
    4. Add and compact between 2–4˝ of base, making sure this material is 2˝ below the finished height of the walkway.
  2. Edging

    1. Place edge restraint, framing the walkway. This step is necessary to prevent the edges from breaking down with use.
    2. SRW Paver Rail™ can be held in place by landscape spikes placed every 12˝.
  3. Install Material

    1. Install decomposed granite or similar material, grading 1/2–3/4˝ above the SRW Paver Rail™ to allow for final height once compacted.
    2. Apply SRW Path Stabilizer™ using a watering can at a coverage of 20 sq. ft. per gallon. This applies to both residential and commercial installs.
    3. Let the material sit for 40-60 minutes. If the material is still saturated, let sit for 15 minutes longer, and check every 15 minutes until it has drained. Do not allow SRW Path Stabilizer™ to dry out completely.
    4. Compact the entire surface. Make multiple passes with the compactor. If the surface is too saturated, the compactor will slow or stop. Wait until the material has drained and this no longer happens before continuing. Areas that were compacted too early can be lightly raked and re-compacted.
  4. Post Compaction & Top Coat

    1. RESIDENTIAL: Apply a top coat of SRW Path Stabilizer™ at a coverage rate of 50 sq. ft. per gallon 24 hours after compaction. The surface must be dry before applying.
    2. COMMERCIAL: Apply SRW Path Stabilizer™ at a coverage of 30 sq. ft. per gallon. Wait 24 hours and apply a top coat of 40 sq. ft. per gallon. The surface must be dry before applying the top coat.

    1. Avoid use on clean store i.e. pea gravel/chip stone, decorative rock, or sand.

    2. For use with 3/8˝ to 1/4˝ (1 cm – 0.6 cm) minus angular rock with fines. Up to 3/4˝ (2 cm) minus can be used if tested first.

    3. Before install, have a solid base to improve overall performance.

    4. Apply when temperature is between 50°–80°F (10°–26°C).

    5. Allow up to 72 hours to fully cure, with temperatures staying above 50°F (10° C).

    6. Consider water runoff and drainage when designing walkway/ patio (do not slope toward buildings).

    7. Edge restraints: SRW Paver Railis recommended for best results.

    8. Test in a small, discrete area before use.

    9. Maintenance coat maybe required after 12-12 months.


    1. RESIDENTIAL: Up to 75 sq. ft. per 5 gallons (6.97 sq. m per 18.93 liters).
    2. COMMERCIAL: Up to 50 sq. ft. per 5 gallons (4.65 sq. m per 18.93 liters).

    1. Rinse off all equipment with clean water and let dry.

    1. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Store container in a cool area with cap or lid firmly in place.

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