Premium SF-8™ Dispenser

SRW SF-8™ Dispenser Gun is a durable and easily adjustable dispenser gun for both SF-8™ Adhesive and SF-8™ Cleaner to make hardscape and construction projects easier. Made with high-quality materials, our dispensers are guaranteed to last while providing quick and easy application.

SF-8™ Adhesive 
SF-8™ Cleaner

Sf-8™ Dispenser GUN Instructions

  • Always store with a canister of adhesive attached.
  • Make sure to run adhesive through the gun before storing it.
  • Extrude SF-8™ Adhesive once a week when stored to keep the gun viable.
  • Close the valve of the SF-8™ Dispenser Gun after each use to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Make sure the SF-8™ Dispenser Gun flow control dial is fully closed before connecting a canister.
  • Keep the nozzle 3/4” away from the surface.
  • Adjust the output of the adhesive with the flow control dial.
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