Pro Plus IV™ Premium Landscape Fabric

Pro Plus IV™ is a superior quality, woven geotextile produced by needlepunching non-woven fabric into the weave to form a high strength fabric with better water permeability. The polypropylene fibers are specially formulated to resist UV light deterioration, and are inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals. The fabric will not rot or mildew, is non-biodegradable and is resistant to damage from insects and rodents.

Contractors & Homeowners

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Pro Plus IV™ Premium Landscape Fabric Instructions

  1. Prepare Area

    Remove all weeds from the desired area. For added protection, apply pre-emergent herbicide before laying down fabric. For best weed control and soil stabilization, install fabric with fuzzy side facing the ground. For mulch stabilization, install the fuzzy side up.

  2. Place Fabric

    Unroll fabric and cut to desired length. Fit fabric around plants, lights, etc., by cutting slits“X” where needed. Overlapping a minimum 4-6 inches and secure with SRW Fabric Staples, staggering 1.2 staples per square yard.

  3. Cover Fabric

    Immediately cover over with 3-4 inches of mulch, bark, decorative rock or stone to protect fabric from sunlight and to enhance the appearance of your project.

Tech Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

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If installed on a slope, place fabric fuzzy side down. The non-woven side will bind with the soil and help stabilize the fabric to the top of the soil. For general landscaping, fuzzy side up will help stabilize mulch placed on top of the fabric.
Pro Plus IV and Pro Plus V should be installed with the fuzzy side facing the ground.

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