PS Penetrating™

Our PS Penetrating Paver Sealer offers paver protection for your hardscape projects. This paver seal provides protection from water intrusion, acid rain, chemical, and damaging weather effects for both interior and exterior surfaces. The invisible, natural-look finish enhances and retains the original appearance of your pavers.

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PS Penetrating Instructions


    1. Wait 28 days after installing polymeric sand before sealing.
    2. Thoroughly sweep or blow the surface of joint sand or loose material.
    3. Spot clean, if needed, with one of these SRW Products specialty cleaning products:
      1. CDX = Cleaner & Degreaser X-treme for oil and grease spots.
      2. RE = Rust Eliminator for rust and mineral removal.
    4. Prepare all pavers with one of these SRW Products Cleaners:
      1. EF = for Efflorescence removal.
      2. PW = Paver Wash for general cleaning & polyhaze removal.
  1. Climate

    1. After cleaning, wait at least 24 hours before sealing. Surface and joints must be completely dry.
    2. Recommended application temperatures are 50° – 80°F (10° – 27°C) from installation through the cure process.
    3. Do not apply if inclement weather is forecasted within 24 hours.
  2. Apply

    1. It’s important to STIR THOROUGHLY before application.
    2. Apply with an SRW Products-approved Slit Foam Roller and sprayer.
    3. Spray, then back roll. This prevents an uneven finish.
    4. A 2-person application is recommended.
    5. Always spray against a wet edge and do not overlap a previously sealed and dried area.
    6. Start at the highest project elevation.
    7. Do not allow sealer to pool on pavers or in joints.
  3. Cure

    1. Allow the sealed area to dry and cure for 24 hours.
    2. Protect the area from water and rain until dry.
    3. Curing time ranges:
      1. Dry-tack free: 25 minutes.
      2. Foot traffic: 24 hours.
      3. Vehicle traffic: 72 hours.
      4. Note: All calculations based on 68°F-77°F (20°C-25°C).

    1.  Up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon (18.58 sq. m. per 3.78 liters). 
    2. Coverage may vary depending on surface & application.

    1.  Clean sprayer & tools with soap & warm water. 
    2. Store container in a cool area with cap or lid firmly in place. 

    1.  For best results, use an SRW Products Heavy-Duty Construction Sprayer and a Slit Foam Roller to apply. 

    1. Test in an inconspicuous area before starting the general application to ensure desired results & expected finish.
    2. Always follow paver manufacturer’s sealing recommendations.
    3. PS is a ONE coat sealer. Additional coats may create an irregular appearance.
    4. If using on manufactured stone, ask dealer about cleaning & sealing procedures prior to application.
    5. Care should be taken for vertical surface application where runs may alter the finish.
    6. Always make sure surface is completely dry before applying sealer to ensure even coverage.
    7. Do not use more than one sealer on the same project.
    8. Do not use on Limestone.
    9. Do not use on  structures under hydrostatic pressure or permeable pavers. 

Tech Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions
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Wait for sand to fully cure before sealing. We recommend using an SRW General Cleaner before any sealer job. The use of an SRW General Cleaner ensures the pores on the surface of the pavers are ready to accept SRW Products Sealers.
We recommend waiting 60-90 days after the paver was manufactured before sealing. The paver manufacture date is typically provided on the pallet label. We always recommend using an SRW General Cleaner such as PW Paver Wash or EF Efflorescence cleaner prior to sealing pavers.
Yes. A SRW Products Slit Foam Roller or SRW Products Slit Foam Roller X-TREME roller is the best choice for backrolling because it helps evenly distribute the sealer and prevent it from pooling. The SRW Products Slit Foam Roller has been specifically designed for highly textured surfaces and pavers.
We recommend using SRW Products SS Sealer Striper. SS Sealer Stripper is a biodegradable, yet industrial-strength formula that removes sealing and curing compounds. Contact one of our territory managers if you have questions about removing a specific type of sealer.
SRW Products XY Xylene is a fast-acting solvent that thins and dissolves acrylic sealer to aid in tool clean up and overspray.

Yes, we recommend sealing on a pool deck.

Sealing with non-film forming sealers: Penetrating sealers are non-film forming that help minimize water and dissolved solids from absorbing into the pavers.

Sealing with film-forming sealers: If you will be using a film-forming sealer on a pool deck then we recommend the use of our X-TREME line of sealers (HGX, LGX etc.) with the addition of SR-Paver Grip to help with slip resistance. SR Paver Grip is sold in 3.2oz bags. 1 Bag of SR Paver Grip can be mixed with 1 gallon of SRW Products Sealers.

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