SF-8™ Adhesive

SF-8™ is an 8 minute tack free polyurethane spray foam adhesive. It creates a strong bond with a wide range of hardscape and construction materials. This foam works fast and allows the material to fully cure within 24 hours. One can of SF-8™ replaces 20+ traditional tubes of adhesive. Application time is up to 50% faster than conventional tube adhesives. 

Use the SF-8™ Cleaner to spot clean
Use the Premium SF-8™ Dispenser  for an easy and precise application
Use the SF-8™ Dispenser  for an easy and precise application

Contractors & Homeowners

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Sf-8™ Adhesive Instructions

  1. Preparation

      1. Before using, make sure you have an up-to-date technical data sheet available on our website.
      2. TEST IN A SMALL DISCRETE AREA to ensure compatibility before use. For industrial use only. Always wear gloves and safety glasses when using this product.
      3. Remove all particles of dust and grease from the surface to be bonded. A faster cure can be obtained by misting the adhesive after it has been applied to one side (Complete curing will take approximately 24 hours).
      4. Check the forecast (if applicable) to ensure temperatures will be 32- 95°F (0 – 35°C).
      5. Necessary Tools (sold separately):
        1. SF-8™ Dispenser Gun
        2. SF-8™ Cleaner
  2. Application 

    1. Shake the canister vigorously at least 20 times before each use.
    2. Remove the protective cap and screw adhesive tube onto the dispenser gun.
      1. Before putting the first can on a new gun, open the valve slightly and pull the trigger. A small amount of air may be trapped. For best results, always work with the canister in a vertical position and keep the valve pointed downwards.
    3. Once the canister of SF-8™ is screwed to the gun, make sure to extrude enough adhesive to fill the gun and nozzle. Never allow the gun to run empty of adhesive.
    4. Apply a 3/8” bead of adhesive along the horizontal and vertical sections of the material to be bonded. If a different size bead is needed, the bead size can be adjusted by turning the adjustment dial on the gun.
    5. Wait a few seconds for the adhesive to fully expand on the surface then bond both pieces together by pressing slightly. No need to twist.
    6. Remove excess adhesive immediately. Remove any adhesive at the tip of the gun. The dried adhesive at the tip could make the gun shoot sideways instead of straight. See the cleaning step for details.
  3. Curing time 

    1. Tack free within 8 minutes. 
    2. Fully load bearing after 24 hours. 
    3. Set time will vary according to air moisture. 

    1. 1 can = 600 linear feet with a 3/8″ bead.

    1. 15 months shelf life unopened.
    2. Store canister upright.
    3. Do not puncture, incinerate or store above 120°F (48.9°C).

    1. If there is still product in the canister:
      1.  Close the valve of the dispenser gun and leave the canister on the dispenser gun until the next job.
    2. If canister is empty:
      1.  Remove canister from the dispenser gun to avoid adhesive from drying and clogging the dispenser gun. This may render the dispenser gun unusable. 
      2. Screw new SF-8™ canister onto the dispenser gun and continue using if necessary. If dispenser gun is to be stored away, pull the trigger for a few seconds to make sure the dispenser gun is filled with new adhesive. Extrude adhesive at least every 2 weeks from canister to prevent curing within dispenser gun. 
      3. For optimal performance, screw a canister for SF-8™ Cleaner to the dispenser gun to pull the trigger to clean the dispenser gun thoroughly, before adding a new SF-8™ canister. 

    1. When attaching SF-8™ Cleaner to dispenser gun spray cleaner until residue comes out clear.
    2. Allow cleaner to remain in dispenser gun for roughly 15 minutes.
    3. Always remove SF-8™ Cleaner from dispenser gun and apply a new SF-8 adhesive canister.
    4. A spray nozzle is included with the cleaner for spot cleaning on the job site for quick and easy cleaning without having to load the cleaner onto the dispenser. 

    1. If material needs to be removed (within about 30-60 seconds), a new application of adhesive should be applied.

    2. Clean dispenser gun after a full canister of adhesive has ran through it.

    3. If dispenser gun nozzle becomes clogged, remove excess foam. Cured SF-8 can only be removed mechanically.

    4. If canister is used in the upright position the gases will be released and you may not be able to use all of the adhesive from the canister.

    5. Never allow the dispenser gun to run empty of adhesive.

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SRW SF-8™ can handle your the powerful materials during your hardscape and landscape projects while saving you time and money.
Frequently Asked Questions

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1 can = 600 linear feet with a 3/8” bead
1 can = 20+ traditional adhesive tubes with a 3/8” bead

Yes. SRW SF-8™ Spray Foam Adhesive can be used on wood, Steel/metal, natural stone and clay. On steel surfaces, make sure there are no oils which will deter the adhesive to stick. Quick Tip: for faster set up on steel and aluminum, scratch the surface. Not for use on plastic, rubber, fiberglass or materials designed for continuous submersion under water.

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