SR Slip-Resist

SRW SR Slip-Resist™ is a slip-resistant polypropylene mixture added to film-forming sealers to create a textured surface that improves slip resistance around pools and high traffic areas.

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SR Slip-Resist™ Instructions

    1. Seal area using only your selected film-forming sealer. 
    2. Let the first coat of sealer dry for at least 4 hours. This is important to allow the first coat to skin over.
    1. Add the contents of 1 bag into 1 gallon of sealer before you begin the second coat. 
    2. Mix into sealer until aggregate is distributed uniformly throughout the entire gallon. 
    3. Stir every 2-3 minutes during use.
    1. Apply sealer with SR Slip-Resist™ additive to the area using only a roller. 
    2. Do not use a sprayer to apply sealer once the SR Slip-Resist™ has been added. Follow sealer instructions for drying/cure time.

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