Superior Strength Solvent-Based™ Adhesive

Our Superior Strength Solvent-Based™ adhesive is the strongest adhesive of its kind. Perfect for interior or exterior materials, it performs under extreme heat and cold conditions. Its exceptional strength works with various hardscape, construction, and landscape materials.

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Superior Strength Solvent-Based™ Adhesive Instructions

  1. Clean Surface

    1. Surfaces must be clean and free from oil, grease, dust, excessive water, ice, or any other material that may interfere with proper adhesion.
  2. Attach to Caulking Gun

    1. Cut tip on slant for 1/4˝ to 3/8˝ bead. Puncture inner seal with nail or wire and place in cartridge gun.
  3. Apply Adhesive

    1. Apply adhesive to one of the surfaces in a continuous bead.
    2. Apply no more adhesive than you can cover in 10 minutes.
  4. flashing

    1. Press surfaces together firmly. For faster curing, lift the top product and immediately reposition (flash).
    2. Vertical applications require permanent horizontal support.

    1. Coverage: 1/4″ Bead: 10 oz. 32 ft, 28 oz. 89 ft
    2. Coverage: 3/8″ Bead: 10 oz. 14 ft, 28 oz. 35 ft

    1. Tools and adhesive may be cleaned with mineral spirits while adhesive is wet. Follow solvent vendor’s precautions. 
    2. 18 month shelf life
    3. Store in a upright position out of direct sunlight. 
    4. Will not freeze or be damaged by low temperatures.
  7. user tips

    1. Application temperatures: 10°F – 120°F for adhesive and surfaces.
    2. Working time: 10 minutes
    3. For tumbled products use a 3/8″ bead. 
    4. A full positive connection of adhesive to both surfaces is necessary.
    5. Not for continuous submersion or use below the waterline. 
    6. The surface must dry out 24-48 hours after applying the adhesive. 
    7. Not for use on plastic, rubber, or fiberglass materials.
    8. Not suitable for direct contact with fire or fire bricks. 

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SRW Superior Strength Solvent-Based™ Adhesive is the strongest on the market. Our adhesives provide quick and easy solutions for your hardscape and construction projects. Now available in two formulas!

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SRW Rapid-Set Polyurethane Adhesive

Bead Size10 oz. Tube28 oz. Tube
¼” bead32 feet89 feet
3/8” bead14 feet35 feet
Flash the adhesive by lifting the cap or block for a couple of seconds to shorten the curing time.

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