Vertical Instant Lock™ Adhesive

Our Vertical Instant Lock™ adhesive does exactly that – instantly locks materials in place within seconds. Save time and effort during your hardscape projects by instantly bonding heavy building materials like manufactured stone, natural stone, brick and pavers vertically without sagging or slipping.

Vertical Instant Lock™ – Holds strong in under 5 seconds. There is no better. 

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Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive Instructions

Clean Surface

    1. Clear the surface of all materials that may prevent adequate adhesion, such as heavy textures, dirt, dust, other loose particles or heavy texture. 
    2. Surfaces must be flat, completely dry, and above 40°F.
  1. attach to caulking gun

    1. Cut across the tube’s nozzle base, completely puncture the inner foil, and screw on the included v-notch applicator tip.
  2. Apply Adhesive with Caulking Gun

    1. Apply using SRW Premium Caulking Gun. Minimum 14:1 thrust ratio required.
    2. At a 90° angle, v-notch up, apply to one of the surfaces in a continuous bead spanning the full width but staying ½˝ (1.27 cm) from the outside edge. 
    3. Additional beads may be needed.
    4. Separate beads by 1.5˝ (3.81 cm). 
    5. Do not apply in a dot pattern.
  3. Press & Twist

    1. Press surfaces firmly together with a slight twisting motion and hold firmly for 5 seconds.

    1. Coverage: 1/4″ Bead: 10 oz. 32 ft, 28 oz. 89 ft
    2. Coverage: 3/8″ Bead: 10 oz. 14 ft, 28 oz. 35 ft

    1. Clean uncured adhesive with mineral spirits.

    2. 12 month shelf life

    3. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

    4. Will not freeze or be damaged by low temperatures.

    5. Avoid storage temperatures above 120°F (48.8 °C).

    6. Dispose in accordance with all local, regional, national & international regulations.


    1. Application temperatures: For ease of extraction, working temperature should be between 60-90°F (15-32°C). Above 90°F (32°C), use additional supports for 24 hours. 

    2. Working time: 10 minutes, full cure in 24 hours

    3. Once cured adhesive should not exceed 200ºF (93.34ºC) 

    4. Apply horizontally in an arch pattern to avoid issues from trapped moisture.

    5.  When adhering heavy materials, permanent additional support may be required. Be sure the substrate can support the weight. To calculate the recommended amount of linear inches of adhesive needed, multiply the weight in lbs. by 2.33. 

    6. Not intended for suspended or overhead applications.

    7. Not intended for direct contact with flames or fire brick. 

    8. Not intended for plastic, rubber, or asphalt. 

    9. Not intended around pools & chlorides, or for submersion, or use below the waterline. 

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SRW Vertical Instant Lock™ adhesive is high-temperature compatible and instantly locks all your hardscape and building materials in place.

Vertical Instant Lock™ Locks Instantly for both vertical and horizontal applications.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Vertical Instant Lock
9.5 oz (0.28 liter)
210 linear inches (5.334 meters)
When using Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive, be sure to use our SRW Premium Caulking gun, or a caulking gun with at least 14:1 thrust ratio.

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