XY Xylene Solvent™ Specialty Clean

Our fast-acting XY Xylene Solvent™ will soften and dissolve acrylic sealers during your hardscape projects with minimal effort. Clean up tools and remove unwanted overspray while also removing trapped moisture in acrylic sealers.

Please note: Check the coatings data sheet for guidance and compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act of 1990.

Contractors & Homeowners

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XY Xylene Solvent Instructions

  1. For Cleaning Sprayers

    1. Flush sprayers (metal canister type with Viton seals) with XY Xylene Solvent.
    2. Leave approximately one pint of solvent in the sprayer when not in use to ensure against clogging the hose and tip.
    3. For routine use, place the nozzle in the solvent can, pump the sprayer to force solvent up into the hose, handle, and wand area, spray until a steady stream of solvent occurs, and let stand overnight.
  2. For Sealer Overspray/Heavy Coat

    1. Test in a small, discrete area before applying.
    2. Saturate a cotton cloth and rub the affected area.
  3. For Blushing

    1. Test in a small, discrete area before applying.
    2. Apply XY Xylene Solvent to the affected areas and use an SRW Slit Foam Roller to distribute.

    1. Up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon (18.58 sq. m. per 3.78 liters). Coverage will vary depending on surface & application.

    1. If spilled, eliminate all sources of ignition. Contain spilled material and remove with inert absorbent using non-sparking tool. Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container, and unused contents in accordance with all applicable regulations. Store container in a cool area with cap or lid firmly in place. Keep container closed when not in use. 

    1. Test inconspicuous area before starting the general application to ensure desired results and expected finish.
    2. If sealers have pooled on cement surface, use XY on a saturated cotton rag to remove excess.
    3. Useful for surface stains on sealed concrete.
    4. Take extra care on painted surfaces, vinyl siding, etc. 
    5. NOT for use on plastic, plastic composite materials, rubber or fiberglass. 

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