This penetrating sealer is specifically designed to protect vertical applications such as retaining walls against damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw exposure, airborne dirt and road spray. It can be used on residential and commercial applications that are clean and above ground.


  • Invisible/natural-look finish
  • Ideal for commercial and residential applications
  • Breathable
  • Extends the life of the project
  • Minimizes damage from salt stains and freeze/thaw
  • Water based
  • DOT strength—meets specs in most states


  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Not for use on structures under hydrostatic pressure



  • Remove any dirt, debris or loose pieces by scrubbing or light pressure-washing.
  • Wait 60–90 days following “born on” date of blocks before sealing.


  • After cleaning, wait at least 24 hours before sealing. Surface must be
    completely dry.
  • Recommended application temperatures are 50°F - 80°F (10°C - 27°C) from installation through the cure process.
  • Do not apply if inclement weather is forecasted within 24 hours.



  • Apply with an SRW Products approved sprayer.
  • Start at the bottom and work your way up.
  • Saturate the vertical surface with RWX without causing drips or pooling.
  • If excess sealer pools on surface and remains longer than 5 minutes, use a brush to redistribute.



  • Allow sealed area to dry and cure 24 hours.
  • Protect area from water and rain until dry.
  • Dry-tack free: 25 minutes
  • Note: All calculations based on 68ºF – 77ºF (20°C – 25°C)


This product has been discontinued. For a product that can be used on similar or same applications see Premium Seal PSX Penetrating X-treme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This product is discontinued. If you are looking to purchase a similar product, we recommend Premium Seal PSX Penetrating X-treme.

Give us a call us at 1-800-752-9326 or use our dealer locator to locate available products for purchase.

Wait for sand to fully cure before sealing. We recommend using an SRW General Cleaner before any sealer job. The use of an SRW General Cleaner ensures the pores on the surface of the pavers are ready to accept SRW Products Sealers.

We recommend waiting 60-90 days after the paver was manufactured before sealing. The paver manufacture date is typically provided on the pallet label.  We always recommend using an SRW General Cleaner such as PW Paver Wash or EF Efflorescence cleaner prior to sealing pavers.

Yes. A SRW Products Slit Foam Roller or SRW Products Slit Foam Roller X-TREME roller is the best choice for backrolling because it helps evenly distribute the sealer and prevent it from pooling. The SRW Products Slit Foam Roller has been specifically designed for highly textured surfaces and pavers.

We recommend using SRW Products SS Sealer Striper. SS Sealer Stripper is a biodegradable, yet industrial-strength formula that removes sealing and curing compounds. Contact one of our territory managers if you have questions about removing a specific type of sealer.

SRW Products XY Xylene is a fast-acting solvent that thins and dissolves acrylic sealer to aid in tool clean up and overspray. 

Yes, we recommend sealing on a pool deck.


Sealing with non-film forming sealers: Penetrating sealers are non-film forming that help minimize water and dissolved solids from absorbing into the pavers.


Sealing with film-forming sealers: If you will be using a film-forming sealer on a pool deck then we recommend the use of our X-TREME line of sealers (HGX, LGX etc.) with the addition of SR-Paver Grip to help with slip resistance. SR Paver Grip is sold in 3.2oz bags. 1 Bag of SR Paver Grip can be mixed with 1 gallon of SRW Products Sealers.