Complete Erosion Control & Irrigation Solutions

Products & Partnerships for Projects of Every Size
It doesn’t matter the shape or size of your project; we’ve got you covered when it comes to erosion control and irrigation. You can find everything from fencing, stakes, and mesh to watering rings and blankets available in a variety of quantities, so you have just what you need for a successful project.

Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Erosion Control & Irrigation

SRW Products has every solution you need for your projects, whether it’s new developments, big construction projects, or anything else.
  • A longer-lasting (three years) erosion control alternative for moderate gradient slopes and channels.

  • A weed-free, woven straw material that serves as a mulching layer.

  • Biodegradable blanket woven from spun jute yarns. Great for environmentally sensitive erosion control applications.

  • Woven monofilament tube sock that’s filled on-site to minimize runoff on hard surfaces or landscape areas.

  • Environmentally friendly erosion control for wetlands, waterways, and general areas under construction.

  • Weed-free straw that serves as a mulching layer with one year of erosion control.

  • Flexible solution for controlling water flow and stabilizing slopes. Weed-free and conforms to the surface.

  • Excellent protection for seeds and new sprouts with more than three years of erosion control.

Dandy Products

Protect your construction projects from erosion runoff and stay EPA-compliant with patented sediment control and inlet protection solutions.


Commercial-grade polyester drainage fabrics with high puncture resistance, water flow rates, and filtration efficiency.
  • A spunbond polyester geotextile with excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage.

  • DF2

    A heavier variation of the DF1.5 with reduced water flow and increased puncture resistance.

Silt Fence & Stakes

A woven fabric that temporarily controls sediment on construction sites to protect water quality from sediment in stormwater runoff.
  • Silt Fence that meets most DOT specs and comes with pre-attached posts.

  • Pointed for easy installation and available in bulk for those with machinery.

Tree Watering Solutions

Protect your tree investments and optimize growth with our cost-efficient and effective tree watering solutions.