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Retaining Wall Geogrid

Our Geogrid is composed of high-molecular weight, high-tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension and coated with PVC.

Road Base Geogrid

Our road base geogrid provides excellent stress transfer on roadway projects, aiding in even distribution of load weight and preventing shifting of base material to extend the life of the road.

  • A perforated polypropylene sheet that’s shaped to create a triplanar reinforcing structure.

  • A thicker variation of the 3D Grid T with more aperture stability and flexural rigidity.

  • A heavier-duty variation of the 3D Grid T and 3D Grid HT.

  • A polypropylene geogrid specially designed for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications.

  • A heavier-duty and stronger variation of the Type 1 geogrid.