CG Counter Guard creates an invisible barrier of defense for outdoor countertops, benches, and work surfaces. It is perfect for outdoor entertainment areas to ensure protection against water, oils, greases, wine, coffee, foods, and more. Its easy 4-step application process makes it easy to protect natural stone, concrete, wetcast, granite, bluestone, sandstone, and polished and thermalled surfaces from even the harshest of stains.


  • Creates an invisible barrier of defense
  • For outdoor countertops, benches and work surfaces
  • Protects surfaces from staining by oils, grease, wine, foods, and more
  • Invisible/natural look finish
  • Breathable
  • Seals and protects
  • Solvent-based


  • Concrete
  • Clay/Brick
  • Manfactured Stone
  • Granite
  • Bluestone
  • Sandstone
  • Not for use on structures
    under hydrostatic pressure
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  • Remove stains from surface prior to sealing. Follow surface manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.



  • After cleaning, wait at least 24 hours before
    sealing. Surface must be completely dry.
  • Recommended application temperatures are 50°F - 80°F (10°C - 27°C) from installation through the cure process.
  • Do not apply if inclement weather is forecasted within 24 hours.



  • Apply with a brush or roller.
  • Wait 10 minutes then buff with cotton cloth in circular motion for even distribution.
  • Do not allow sealer to pool. If pooling occurs, use a cotton cloth to redistribute within 10 minutes. 



  • Allow sealed area to dry and cure 24 hours with protection from water and rain.
  • Wait 48 hours after applying before using
    the surface.


Specialty Seal™ CG Counter Guard



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When using the Counter Guard, it is only necessary to apply one coat. An important application step is to apply a coat of Counter Guard heavy enough to keep the surface wet for 10 minutes. If it starts to dry out, then you should add more sealer. After 10 minutes, buff and remove any excess sealer from the surface. This helps to ensure that the material is not left to pool on the surface for an extended length of time.