The fall season is possibly the best time of year in which to seal your concrete and pavers in order to clean, enhance, and protect your investment.

Fall is optimal because temperatures are lower, reducing the risk of flashing. Our product managers recommend application when temps are between 50-80 degrees F.  This helps to ensure proper bonding, long life, and the finest look possible. Sealing prior to winter also provides the best protection against chemicals, salt and freeze thaw damage.

Flashing is a process where the solvents or liquid evaporate from the sealer before the acrylics have had adequate time to adhere to the surface being sealed.) If flashing occurs, you would expect to see acrylics become hazy instead of high gloss or a milky appearance over the concrete.

Follow SRW Products Easy 4-step process on the back of each SRW Sealer.

So, go ahead, seal your pavers!
There is no better time than NOW!