SRW Products specializes in landscape fabrics. Landscape fabrics are used for a variety of reasons such as weed control, general landscape, construction and separation or stabilization.

  • Weed control fabric stops weeds before they seed while still allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate the plants roots.
  • General landscape fabric has four significant functions: weed restriction, soil separation, reinforcement and filtration. These fabrics are highly resistant to acids, alkalines, insecticides, fertilizers and damage from insects or rodents.
  • Construction fabric reinforces materials generally used under patios, driveways and roadways. They help drainage, prevent erosion, and stabilize soil.

SRW Products carries a universal line of fabrics; no matter what project is underway we’ve got it covered!! Our one-stop-shop ability conveniently consists of fabric staples; the accessories necessary to get any landscape fabric job done right.