For over 30 years we’ve been providing solid solutions for better hardscapes. With our customers and product users in mind, we’ve recently made a change to our sealer products. Our sealer products have been consolidated into three SIMPLIFIED product lines. We are proud to offer FEWER sealer products, while still providing the SAME solid solutions for a wide variety of hardscape surfaces.

With this change, now ONE of our Premium Seal™ products can do the job of THREE previous products.

Benefits for hardscape professionals:

  • Save Money
    • Reduce leftover product and “waste” when you can use one sealer for many different hardscape projects and surface types
  • Save Time
    • Less trips to the store to purchase multiple sealing products for different hardscape surfaces
  • Easy-to-understand Products
    • Now you only need 1 of our premium seal products to seal many different surface types

Now offering Premium Seal™

Our Premium Seal™ line has been created based on the consolidation of Stone Seal™, Wetcast Seal™ and Paver Seal™ X-treme products. Our Premium Seal™ line offers 4 products that work on many different surface types including pavers, stone and wetcast. Premium sealers can also be used for commercial applications. Due to their wide range of applications, these products are truly a premium option for sealing hardscape projects.

We are proud to offer simplified sealing solutions.

Try these Premium Seal products: 

  • PSX Penetrating X-treme
  • LGX Low Gloss X-treme
  • HGX High Gloss X-treme
  • DG Dual Guard

Choose The Look

We are proud to provide sealers that cover a wide-range of surface applications but also three distinct finishes ranging from natural look (penetrating) to high-gloss. Even with a condensed sealer product offering, we are still committed to providing the best solutions for your hardscape projects.

Contact your local dealer, or find a dealer near you to purchase SRW sealers and other hardscape accessory products.