WetLok permeable jointing sand is a great option for jointing material for a variety of hardscape projects. It’s ideal for natural stone applications because of the option to use on wide joints (up to 5”) and the major benefit of permeability for water drainage. It is the perfect combination of durability & ease of application.

In case you need some more reasons to choose WetLok, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons to choose Wetlok for your upcoming projects.

Reason #1
Can be installed in the rain! What’s better than a product that isn’t weather-dependent?!

Reason #2
Pre-mixed and ready to use. No need to spend time, mixing, stirring, or preparing the product before use.

Reason #3
Can be used on a wide range of joints (3/16″ – 5″ (0.48 – 12.7cm) No matter if the project has narrow joints or wide joints – this increases the range of applications!

Reason #4
Can be used with Hybrid or Traditional base installations. Once again, can be used for many project types!

Reason #5
You keep unused product for future use. No wasting product (or money) on unused product!

Reason #6
Permeable & allows water to escape, unlike polymeric sand. This is great for surfaces that need water drainage like patios or commercial walkways.

Reason #7
12-month shelf life. You can purchase in bulk for the season without the worry of product going bad.

Reason #8
Easy to use, simply brush into joints & compact with water. The more water the better!

Reason #9
Resists weeds & plant growth. Has all the traditional benefits of polymeric sand, plus more!

Reason #10
Available in 3 colors: Tan, Granite or Black. Color options so you can choose the look that will best fit your project surface material.

There you have it, 10 reasons to choose Wetlok!

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