SF-8™ Cleaner

SF-8™ Cleaner is a strong and fast-acting adhesive cleaner for our SRW SF-8™ Adhesive to clean up residual adhesive. The cleaner is used to clear out the SF-8™ Dispenser Gun easily and effectively while the attached spray nozzle is used for spot cleaning on job sites for quick clean-up.

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SF-8™ Adhesive 
SF-8™ Dispenser Gun

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Sf-8™ Cleaner Instructions


  1. Remove excess adhesive from nozzle.
  2. Remove empty SF-8 canister.
  3. Screw SF-8 Cleaner canister and pull trigger until cleaner flows out of nozzle.
  4. Allow cleaner to remain in dispenser gun for roughly 15 minutes.
  5. Spray cleaner until it comes out clear.
  6. Remove SF-8 Cleaner canister from dispenser gun.
  7. Always remove SF-8 Cleaner from dispenser gun when finished.
  8. Clean and dry screw thread on the canister.
  9. Attach new SF-8 Adhesive canister onto dispenser gun. Spray until adhesive runs through nozzle.
  10. Always store an open SF-8 Adhesive canister on dispenser gun.



  1. Attach provided spray nozzle to SF-8 Cleaner canister.
  2. Spray cleaner on affected area.
  3. Wipe off any residue from surface and reapply if necessary.



Store canister upright. Do not puncture, incinerate or store above 100°F (38°C).



When cleaning dispenser gun make sure to do this away from the project and/or into a container to avoid residual adhesive from staining the project.

Frequently Asked Questions
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1 can = 600 linear feet with a 3/8” bead
1 can = 20+ traditional adhesive tubes with a 3/8” bead

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