Specialty Clean™ EF Efflorescence Remover™

Our EF Efflorescence Remover™ is a product which acts quickly to dissolve efflorescence (white mineral deposits) that dulls pavers. Easy to apply and quickly restores the original surface color on pavers, concrete, brick, and clay with our ready-to-use formula.

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EF Efflorescence Remover Instructions

  1. Prepare Surface

    1. Thoroughly sweep the surface of joint sand, dust, debris, or loose material.
    2. Spot clean if needed with one of these SRW Specialty Clean™ products:
      1. CDX Cleaner & Degreaser X-treme
      2. RE  Rust Eliminator
      3. M3C Mold, Moss & Mildew Cleaner
      4. OC Organic Stain Cleaner
    3. Recommended application temperatures are 50°F – 80°F (10°C – 27°C).
  2. Wet Surface

    1. Saturate the surface and surrounding area thoroughly (including vegetation).
    2. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. Re-spray if needed to keep the area wet. A 2-person application is recommended.
  3. Apply Cleaner

    1. Apply EF Efflorescence Remover directly to the surface with a sprinkler can. Do not dilute.
    2. With a stiff bristle brush, scrub the area immediately and thoroughly.
    3. For large areas, work in 100-150 sq. ft. (9.29–13.94 sq. m.) sections.
    4. If working on an incline, start at the highest point, working in small sections. Scrub from the bottom of a section, pushing excess EF Efflorescence Remover up over the job.
  4. Rinse Surface

    1. Immediately rinse the surface and surrounding areas (including vegetation) thoroughly with clean water until all traces of foam disappear.
    2. Repeat if necessary. Let dry.
    3. Wait at least 24 hours to apply SRW Paver Seal™ products.

    1. Up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon (18.58 sq. m. per 3.78 liters). Coverage may vary depending on surface and application. 

    1. Rinse off tools with clean water until clean and let dry. Store container in a cool area with cap or lid firmly in place. KEEP FROM FREEZING.

    1. Test in an inconspicuous area before starting the general application to
      ensure desired results and expected finish.
    2. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves with applying EF.
    3. Wait 60-90 das for new pavers to cure before applying EF.
    4. Prolonged contact of cleaner on metal or other surfaces may result in etching or damage. 
    5. Saturate vegetation before and after application of EF.
    6. Sealed surfaces, wetcast or natural stones.

Tech Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

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Efflorescence is a natural formation that may appear on any concrete or masonry product. It is actually the residue of soluble salts carried to the surface by moisture – a natural by-product of the chemical reaction between cement and water. Efflorescence does not affect the structural integrity and will dissipate over time. It is not indicative of a flawed product. If desired, it can be removed using EF Efflorescence Remover or PW Paver Wash.
No negative effects on the asphalt driveway should be expected. But it is possible that the surfactant could have a slight impact on the tar and dull it out. Test in a small discrete area if you are concerned.
EF Efflorescence cleaner is a mild acid used to remove the efflorescence currently visible. The cleaner alone will not prevent future blooms of efflorescence from occurring. To help prevent efflorescence blooms in the future, please consider the use of a penetrating sealer to waterproof the surface.

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