Crete-Rail™ is a strong yet flexible concrete edging that provides stability and structure to hardscape applications. It has a fast set time and it’s easy to use, just add water and mix. The polymer-modified formula and fiber reinforcement add strength while allowing for flexibility to withstand freeze/thaw situations. Standard, Hybrid or Permeable Base, one product does it all.

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Crete-Rail™ Instructions

  1. Preparation

    1. Prior to compacting the pavers, natural stone or wetcast, remove the bedding layer (sand or chips) that extends 4″ (10.16 cm) outside the perimeter. For optimal performance, remove all the bedding material down to the base material.
    2. In a mixing tub or wheelbarrow, mix 2.5 quarts (2.37 L) of water with each 50 lb. (22.68 kg) bag of Crete-Rail™ until all dry contents are blended and the mixture is stiff but workable.
  2. Application

    1. Using a flat (square point) shovel, distribute the freshly mixed Crete-Rail™ along the edge of the pavers, natural stone, or wetcast. Be sure to place enough material to form a triangular profile that will extend approximately halfway up the pavers, natural stone, or wetcast. Crete-Rail™ should extend approximately 4″ (10.16 cm) from the edge of the hardscape project.
    2. Using a finishing trowel, form Crete-Rail™ into a triangular profile. The top of the troweled Crete-Rail™ should taper away from the pavers, natural stone, or wetcast at approximately a 30° angle.
  3. Finishing Touches

    1. Compact the pavers, natural stone, or wetcast before Crete-Rail™ sets up. Install appropriate joint material per manufacturer instructions. For best results, use Pavermate Z3™, SimplyTough™, or X-treme™ wide joint polymeric sand. Stone chips should be used for the jointing of permeable applications.
    2. Finish the project by backfilling with topsoil, mulch, or decorative stone.
  4. Curing

    1. Crete-Rail™ is rain-safe in 5 hours. Avoid walking near the project edge and backfilling until 24 hours after installation. Driveways can be used after 48 hours.
  5. Cleanup

    1. During installation, if Crete-Rail™ comes in contact with the project surface, clean off immediately with a wet rag, brush, and water to avoid staining. Tools should be cleaned immediately after use with water and a brush before drying.
  6. User Tips

  • Adding more water than the recommended amount will allow the material to blend easily but could negatively affect ultimate strength. Use the recommended amount of water.
  • Crete-Rail™ is intended only for light-duty commercial applications.
  • For best results, let Crete-Rail™ harden before finishing the surrounding landscaping.

Instruction Diagrams:

Traditional Install for Pavers, Wetcast, and Natural Stone

Hexabase™ Install for Pavers, Wetcast, and Natural Stone

Open Graded base Install for Pavers and Wetcast

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One 50 lb. (22.68 kg) bag covers 13 – 17 linear feet (3.96 – 5.19 m). Variation will depend on the application and type of subsurface material.

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